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last week we went to the childrens museum. it was a lot of fun. after i got his picture done at navy pier :)

up late watching batman 

up late watching batmanĀ 

our lights outside :)

quinn making his first purchase with his birthday money :) he got handcuffs and a spiderman toy, lol

1. quinn loves to watch himself on the camera at stores..

2/3 playing with the neighbor kids

4. new chairs!

5. quinn barefoot in walmart, hah

6. the lights on at downtown naperville

7. the turkey hat he made in preschool

8/9 jumping on the trampoline at my parents house on thanksgiving

the first picture is quinn next to the outfit he wore home from the hospital :)

here are some pics of our new place.. i took these before i started cleaning and getting all of the old owners crap out that they left. so here are the before pics.. it will be awhile for the after :) it needs some updating but the space is really nice and so is the neighborhood.

we went trick or treating in lincoln park again this year, best part was keith actually got to go with us :)